Obtain a Return of Your Deposit

The downturn of the real estate market has led purchasers (like you) to reevaluate their once promising condominium/real estate purchases.  If you seek to get out of your purchase of a condominium unit or other real estate purchase, contact us today.

We are experienced in helping purchasers obtain all, or a portion, of their condominium purchase deposits back.

You may have a case if you have paid a deposit and the developer has done one or more of the following:

· Violated the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

· Violated a state land sales registration statute

· Made material changes to underlying governing documents for the condominium (i.e. changes to your Declaration, Rules and Restrictions, Purchase Agreement, etc.)

· Made false or inaccurate statements with regards to completion dates or amenities to be provided with your condominium

· Failed to provide a required state disclosure document

Purchasers may be able to get their money back, even after closing. Also, we may be able to get your deposit back on real estate purchases for new construction homes in a planned community.

Finding out if you can obtain your deposit is simple. Call us, or submit your contact information, to find out if we can help in your situation.  Not pursuing all of your options could lead to a purchase you do not want. You may be able to get out of that purchase.

Contact us to find out if you have a case.


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